Leche Flan

Introduction by Charina (find her at Glory Box) I made this leche flan from my friend Sol Cruz‘s recipe. Sol is one of those cooks who have a natural knack for whipping up great food without the aid of a recipe. She’s also too modest to trumpet her talent that I had to practically drag this […]

Tomato Scrambled Eggs

My mother made this dish for breakfast all the time when I was growing up. She used duck eggs whose deep yellow yolk when combined with the tomatoes gave the dish that distinctive rosy orange colour. In late summer, when tomatoes are in abundance, she would buy them by the bucketful and turn them into […]

Scrambled Eggs

Nothing says “Good morning” quite like a plate of golden scrambled eggs. Most of us take scrambled eggs for granted. But there’s a fine line between a dry dense mass at one extreme to a wet gloopy mess at the other; and the light fluffy perfection of scrambled eggs done right. Ingredients 6 free range […]