Budin (Filipino Bread Pudding)

It has been six long years since the family last went for a visit to the Philippines. This time to make up for all the time away, we decided to come over during the Christmas holidays and spend five weeks reconnecting with family, visiting sun-kissed island destinations like Panglao and Boracay and sampling the unique […]

Leche Flan

Introduction by Charina (find her at Glory Box) I made this leche flan from my friend Sol Cruz‘s recipe. Sol is one of those cooks who have a natural knack for whipping up great food without the aid of a recipe. She’s also too modest to trumpet her talent that I had to practically drag this […]

Nutella and Ricotta Pudding

This recipe started life as Karen Martini‘s croissant and ricotta pudding. But as is always the case when I’m in the kitchen, a bit of situation substitution manages to creep in. This time I replaced the croissant with raisin loaf, the Frangelico with Kahlua and the vanilla bean with vanilla extract. Dare I say my […]