Chicken Tinola

We all know the healing power of chicken soup. If popular lore is to be believed, it does everything from curing the common cold to mending a broken heart. This reputation probably owes much to chicken soup’s neutral, some would say bland, flavour. And that is where the problem lies. To me chicken soup just […]

Chicken And Pork Adobo

I mentioned in a previous article that adobo is a dish I learned at my mother’s knee. Along with the recipe I also learned invaluable tips that don’t only make my dishes taste great but make cooking easier too. Stuff like “once the salt is in there’s no getting it out” and “open the windows […]

Rice Cooker Chicken Rice

One of the things I look forward to on the weekend is the Good Weekend magazine that comes with the Saturday Sydney Morning Herald. Not only is it packed full of insightful features, it also comes with lighter, more accessible tidbits of information and trivia. But all this good stuff is lost on me. Initially, […]